Hiking to the Karagiannakis Gorge

The tortrent rushes down from the imposing Mount Saos to Vatos Bay where it meets the Aegean Sea. Our walk reveals to us dozens of beautiful streams, waterfalls and small lakes hidden among the folds of the mountain.

With an experienced guide our mixed group of ten intrepid volunteers set off in a 4-wheel drive vehicle our destination, from where we walked for about two and a half hours through wooded and barren landscapes.

For almost 2/3 of the way we followed the course of the river, finally arriving at Vathres, a fantastic mountainous area in which water and stone have created bizarre and beautiful forms.

Enchanted by the crystal clear blue-green water, we jumped into the various pools and enjoyed a cool swim. Following an extended picnic and a relaxing break among the rocks, worn smooth by the water, we returned to our starting point.

Tired but happy, we refreshed ourselves with a drink at the small cafe in front of the Chapel of Panagia Kremiotissa, then returned to our accommodation in time for dinner. A wonderful, fulfilling day!


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