Born in Thessaloniki, I heard the big sea call me, so after becoming a radio operator, i went to sea. I ended up in Germany. Studying arts in Cologne made me settle. After 24 years of working independently as a graphic designer and painter, enjoying culture in my free time, I went back to Greece and the big sea.
I created a living space for me and my family (wife and 3 kids) on the north aegean island Samothrace, and built up this little guesthouse with 4 double rooms and occasional painting classes. Even though I've already spent a lot of summers here, the island still enchants me with its shadowy mystical mountain Fengari and its bright clear horizon.
I'm sleepy by nature, but contrasts wake me up.

Andreas Tsortanidis
6, Anafis Street
Thessaloniki 56625
Tel./Fax no: +30-2310-205 948
Mobile: 0030-6977588626
Samothraki 68002
Tel.: +30-25510-415 90


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